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Have you heard about water that’s infused with CBD? Sounds weird at first, but CBD water exists. At first we thought it might merely be another hipster fad, but as soon as the first sip was taken we thought it was amazing – drinking water combined with the benefits of CBD – something that was once illegal, condemned, and cast off as anything but beneficial to our health. It made us realize the possibilities of CBD, the potential products that could benefit the public that we never thought imaginable even 5 years ago. We’re discovering a lot concerning CBD, and there’s a lot more discovery to be done and we can’t wait!

The process of infusing CBD with water

You’re probably wondering how they infuse the CBD with drinking water. Well, we found some answers for you. First, it takes a team of scientific experts with the right equipment. We have this quote from CBD Living website 

In simple terms, nanotechnology is the scientific process used to create more easily absorbed particles of CBD. It may sound easy, but it is a highly scientific process that occurs on the molecular level.

Experts begin by extracting the CBD from the hemp plant. They then take what they extracted and begin creating nanoparticles. These nanoparticles will be so small that they are easily passable through the bloodstream. Now you might be thinking to yourself: is there enough CBD in one of these bottles of CBD infused water to have any substantial effect? Well, because the nanoparticles are able to be absorbed by parts of the body that weren’t able to absorb before, the amount of CBD is then more effective; less of it goes to waste. We invite those who are interested in this subject to visit CBD Living website, where you’ll get the answers you need straight from the experts themselves.

As for our thoughts on this product, we absolutely love it and the philosophy behind such products. We look forward to the day where we’ll be able walk to a nearby store and purchase a bottle of water that has CBD nanoparticles. (We aren’t sure if there are plans to give everyone such open access, the laws are still murky depending on your region.; nonetheless the thought is a positive one). The medical community would surely embrace this product with open arms due to changing perspectives on CBD. We believe CBD Living is going in the right direction with their products, thinking about the future of those who are going to need access to CBD for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Their products range from edibles, oils & soaps for your skin, all the way to suppositories. We here at The Green Daily are looking forward to what the future holds for this company and others who are also paving the way forward!

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