Sweet Honeybee Health – CBD Living Water & CBD Living Vape Pen

Sweet Honeybee Health – CBD Living Water & CBD Living Vape Pen

What’s the best thing you can drink for your health? Water of course! What’s even better than that? CBD Water!

There’s a company called CBD Living that has a ton of awesome products and one of those is a CBD infused water.

If you’ve not heard of CBD living, then let me start as I usually do by some quick facts about the company.

  • CBD Living was established 2013 in California.
  • They use organically grown hemp from Colorado.
  • They use Nanotechnology! (see below)
  • They have in-house scientists who use Nanotechnology to infuse CBD into their products.
  • They have 62 CBD products to choose from ranging from water, soaps, chocolate, bath bombs, tinctures and many more.
  • They use USA grown hemp.
  • All products are manufactured in the US.
  • Third party testing on products.
  • They are a fair trade company.
  • None of their products are tested on animals.
  • They have a CBD Living Magazine on their site with great CBD information for you check out.
  • World wide shipping
  • 0% THC products

How is CBD water made?

They use a 9+Alkaline water and infuse nanograms of CBD right into the water.

You’re probably thinking, how exactly does that work and what the heck is Nanotechnology? ….let’s start with the basics on water.

Regular water vs. alkaline water:

Water (as most liquids) has a PH level and PH levels are measured on a scale of 0-14. 0 being very acidic and 14 being very alkaline.  Regular water has a neutral PH of 7.

An alkaline water would have a PH of around 8 or 9. Some people believe that an alkaline water can aid in neutralization of the acid in the body, therefore believing it can benefit the body.

While there is no scientific evidence of alkaline water curing or treating conditions, some professionals believe it can help those with acid systems, such as those with acid reflux. It is also believed to be helpful to those with high blood pressure and even diabetes.

Now, how does CBD get into water in the first place?

Through Nanotechnology. To put it simply, Nanotechnology is the study of extremely small things. It’s used to get particles into other things, like CBD into water. Tiny particles are infused into 9+PH water, making it extremely easy for the body to accept it and use it efficiently. This nanotechnology helps to increase the body’s bioavailability process so that the body absorbs the CBD a better way.

Onto the product-I tried this water. I’ll be honest, as I always am. I did not expect much. I was thinking to myself, “CBD water? This is just another CBD fad that is coming out and I won’t get much from this. I mean it’s just expensive water, right?”. Well, not exactly.

First, it tastes like a great bottled water and I love water. I drink it all day, every day and my water is typically from a filter pitcher or filter bottle. I rarely drink bottled water because I have filters and just refill my reusable bottles, but this was a pretty great tasting bottled water. No weird aftertaste or anything like that. Clean, crisp and just as I would expect a quality bottled water to taste, but better.

After drinking it, I then felt a bit relaxed. I was thinking maybe it was the placebo effect. How can water possibly affect me in a way that I actually feel calm? So, I waited a day and drank another bottle, this time drinking it a bit over a few hours-time. Again, I felt relaxed. I was pretty surprised. I really honestly didn’t think I would feel much at all. I had no positive expectations of this, so I didn’t even believe it would do much, but it did. I felt calm and relaxed, as if I was just enjoying my day without my usual stresses added on top in my mind. I felt like I do after I meditate. Just clearer mentally and physically. Now, I am not saying this is a cure for anything or even that it would work for everyone. I was just pleasantly surprised that a CBD water is even possible and that it did make me feel a positive result. I would say that if I was able to, I would drink it every day, but cost makes that hard to do. A bottle costs $5.99 and a case of it, for 24 bottles, is going to run you about $119.

Would I try it again? Absolutely. I think it’s a pretty awesome product and I am glad there is something out there for those who maybe prefer to take CBD this way. I am really impressed with the results and I think it’s a fantastic way to get your CBD easily and increase your water intake too!

The other product I got to try are the CBD Living Vape cartridges. I tried the natural flavor and really enjoyed it quite a bit. It works with any 510 thread battery and screws on just like a regular vape cartridge. The cartridge is 500MG of CBD and a full spectrum, 50% CBD. This vape has no PG or VG, so you are getting a really pure experience from this. With 500MG, I really felt the full effects of less anxiety and relaxation. I am not typically an all day vaper with the full spectrum types of cartridges because they are a bit too harsh for my throat. I found taking small, slow puffs really help lessen that throat burn that I don’t prefer.

I love these for those times of really high anxiety. I get the most severe anxiety at night before bed, I tried this every night as I laid down and felt less bedtime anxiety and a more calm feeling. The flavor is nice and subtle, not super strong, yet still smooth and easy to vape. At the current time, these aren’t available on their site but they will be back soon, so please keep checking their site.

For these two products, I have to give them a 4 Leaf Score! I haven’t tried all the products yet, so that’s why they get a four leaf score right now.



  • Water-Effective, tastes great, easy to drink, CBD infused.
  • Vape-Effective, smooth, 500MG CBD, Full Spectrum
  • No THC in their products.
  • Large range of products to choose from.
  • Company information available on the website.
  • Test results of product available to customers.
  • Great customer service.
  • CBD Blog.


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