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What is a Cannabinoid Concentrate?

A cannabinoid concentrate is made by extracting the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. There are 2 types of cannabinoid concentrates: full spectrum concentrate and CBD concentrate. Full spectrum concentrates provide all ranges of cannabinoids to the users, including THC. Meanwhile, CBD concentrates are made by taking only the CBD component from the full spectrum concentrates through a filtering process. Gradually, everything is filtered out leaving only CBD. For this reason, people usually refer to CBD concentrates as CBD isolates.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate or CBD concentrate is the strongest and purest form of CBD. These concentrated CBD extracts are stronger and create faster-acting products for the consumers since they contain much more CBD. With CBD isolates, you can get a higher dose of CBD in a relatively short period of time. There are many varieties of CBD isolate in the market such as crystals and powders that are used for a wide variety of applications. CBD isolates will not make people high because it doesn’t contain any THC. CBD Living concentrates are stronger, faster-acting cannabidiol products made from pure hemp oil extract. CBD concentrate is a blend of 100% natural CBD. CBD Isolate can be consumed in several different ways. The most common way is by melting the isolate into an oil, then applying the oil under the tongue or sprinkling it on food. CBD Isolate can also be “dabbed” by applying a small amount on a smoking device and inhaling the smoke. Users typically begin to feel the effects of CBD within ten to fifteen minutes. CBD can be taken at any time of day, but many people prefer to consume high concentrations right before bedtime.

What is CBD Shatter?

CBD shatter is just one type of CBD isolate. It only contains CBD so it will not make you “high”. CBD Shatter is sold in the form of solid crystals that can be consumed by smoking or “dabbing.” Shatter is named because its hard, brittle texture shatters easily. Shatter is made by extracting cannabinoids from hemp plants and filtering it until only CBD (isolate) remains. The isolate is kept away from exposure to light and heat and allowed to “set” into a shatter.

How do you use CBD Shatter?

CBD shatter is best used through dabbing. This process is in the category of smoking CBD since it does vaporize to some extent. Dabbing is placing a small amount on a hot surface like a hot plate, and then inhaling the vapors that arise. Shatter is usually purchased in a gallon tub. It is 90% potent so just a small amount is sufficient for dabbing. CBD shatter can be used in some vape pens and vaporizers, but it must be one designed for use with concentrates.

Benefits of CBD Shatter

CBD shatter has a longer shelf life than other concentrates. Since it degrades slowly, it stays at a higher quality for a lot longer. Some studies suggest that inhaling CBD is more effective than other means of consumption. The body can make more use of it and use it faster through inhalation. Just a small, daily amount can support one’s overall health, especially those with chronic health conditions. The inhalation method lets the body take in large amounts of CBD without harmful tar or smoke.