Hey Hello High – CBD Living Tincture & Freeze

Hey Hello High – CBD Living Tincture & Freeze

It was a sunny day in August, I was packing up my car for a work event and was moving rather quickly. I picked up a very heavy cooler, twisted to load it into my trunk and I felt a “pop” in my back. Thinking it was just a little pull I continued with my day. Three days later I woke up sobbing in pain, I had indeed slipped a disc.

When you are presented with an injury just as a herniated disc, sprain, pull etc the recommendations for recovery are pretty much the same. Rest, ice/heat, and Advil/Tylenol for inflammation and pain. I myself have nothing against taking either of those drugs however taking them every day for months at a time I wasn’t comfortable with. When taken in high doses, daily or with alcohol these drugs CAN lead to liver damage among other things. This made me super nervous so I became determined to figure out how to ease my pain without worrying my mind. So I did what I normally do when faced with a problem, I rolled up a fat joint and sat down to brainstorm. That’s when it hit me……C.B.D!!

Although THC very much helps with pain I, unfortunately, can’t be high all day. As of 2018 CBD is legal in all 50 states and is here to HELP.CBD is short for cannabinoids, this is a compound that has many of the benefits of the hemp plant without the “high” effect that THC has. Let me be very clear CBD will not get you high. If you would like more science-y info on CBD and how it works you can check out our full explication and breakdown on our previous post-> What Really is CBD?

CBD can be taken in many forms and our HeyHelloHigh friends offered me many ways to try this amazing natural alternative. With that being said pain is different for everyone and some of these methods may not work for you. I very much recommend taking CBD for at least 10 days straight to give it time to fully build up in your body. I also recommend trying different methods/products to figure out how best your body absorbs it. I am not a doctor and recommend that you check with yours before trying anything new, this is just what works for me personally.

In the morning when I wake up the first thing I do (after I put water on for coffee) is STRETCH. With my particular injury, it was important for me not to sit back down right after laying down all night. So I take a few mins to stretch. Before I make my coffee I take a full dropper of CBD Livings 100mg tincture. I like to take tinctures first thing in the morning on an empty stomach because I think it helps my body absorb it quicker. You can for sure go ahead and add this tincture right to your morning coffee or tea!

I love CBD Livings tincture because it has a mild flavor, is made from organic MTC oil and is vegan-friendly.

Before leaving my house for the day I like to use a CBD roll on to directly target and ease my pain. Much like Icy Hot, these topical products work to mimic the effects of ice and to numb/ease pain directly where it is applied. I have two different roll-ons that I have found to be effective. The first is CBD Freeze from CBD Living.

I love this product because it comes in a bigger roll-on package. This made it easy to cover the whole of my lower back in a few easy swipes. This product also has arnica extract in it, which is known for decreasing pain, reduce swelling and boost circulation. I also like to carry Tonic’s Chronic Tonic 300mg roll on in my bag for touch ups through the day. This packing is much smaller and although it doesn’t contain arnica it does a pretty good job when I need a fix on the go.

As the day progresses I’ll take the tincture as needed. Normally I’ll take another dropper around lunch and/or dinner depending on my pain that day. At night about 30 mins before bed, I love to take Rest from Humboldt Apothecary.

This tincture has lavender and chamomile in it as well as a small amount of THC (8:4 in the whole bottle) and I find it helps me relax and fall asleep quicker.

CBD along with many chiropractor sessions helped get me back in fighting shape within six months of my injury. I again am not a doctor, these things have simply worked for me and I would recommend anyone looking for natural pain relief should give it a go!

Have you ever used CBD to help with your pain


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