At CBD LIVING, we believe in delivering CBD through science and technology.


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Proprietary Water Soluble Nano CBD

We use a nano-emulsion process that homogenizes oil into water. In order for it to stay stable with the highest absorption rate we break down the particle size of the CBD droplet to <100nm.

Normally, our competitors Broad Spectrum CBD is delivered through an oil based carrier such as MCT Oil. How everyone first has to digest the fat soluble nutrient for hours, and then once it has broken down to a small enough size, the CBD would pass onto your lymphatic system and finally to your bloodstream. On the other hand once water soluble, nutrients are passed directly to the blood stream through the small intestine. CBD Living's soluble line only requires small doses for you to feel the benefits!

Proprietary Self-Emulsifying Delivery System

This is a unique system that allows oil soluble nutrients including our Broad Spectrum CBD to be delivered in an oil formulation. As soon as the oil hits the stomach's aqueous media, a water soluble Micelle structure is formed with a particle size of <100nm.

CBD Living is dedicated to not only providing you with top quality CBD, but other nutrients that are vital for your health as well. From Omega-3's in Hemp Seed Oil and the multiple benefits of MCT Oil, these formulations can be delivered readily through a gelatin capsule or tincture. However, their bioavailability is increased once they hit your stomach and become nano-sized as the oil molecules are surrounded by a water soluble system that carries the droplets from the lymphatic system to the blood stream.

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Proprietary Skin Retention Technology

Alongside our Water Soluble Nano CBD, we may also include a well studied solubilizer and enhancing skin technology that allows nutrients to penetrate the skin while retaining the benefits on the skin as well.

Here at CBD Living, science is key. Therefore we know NOT all nutrients can be delivered orally and there is a high demand for skin treatments. The stratum corneum is the skin's primary barrier that provides protection. This means not all nutrients make it through the skin to targeted pain receptors. Our technology provides hydration of the skin barrier at a molecular level by causing swelling and loosening of the fatty layer of your skin. Once this occurs the nutrients can be transported back and forth from the outside to the inside of the skin barrier safely through diffusion. Our water soluble CBD targets systemic absorption.