Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is a phytocannabinoid molecule found with no psychoactive properties in the hemp plant.

What is CBD Living?

CBD Living is one of the fastest-growing global cannabidiol (CBD) manufacturers and distributors, with more than 100 products in 5000 stores and shipping to consumers worldwide. CBD Living’s prestigious in-house scientists use ultrasound waves to break down CBD particles into nanoparticles 1/1000 the size of a red blood cell, allowing the CBD to pass through the blood membrane for enhanced absorption. This proprietary technique leads to up to 90 percent bioavailability, compared to 10-15 percent bioavailability when consumed in a traditional CBD product. From the original CBD Living Water product to CBD gummies, chocolates, freezes, tinctures, vapes, bath bombs and more, CBD Living is constantly innovating to bring the future of CBD to consumers today. For more information, please visit

Who can benefit most from using CBD?

Everyone – people and pets.

What are the benefits for consumers using CBD Living products?

A unique nanotechnology manufacturing process makes the CBD in our products up to 90% bioavailable, compared to 10-15 percent bioavailable for CBD produced without nanotechnology. In other words, you get “more bang for your buck” with CBD Living products. Many consumers have to consume less of CBD Living products than competitor brands, while still receiving a higher dose of CBD.

What makes CBD Living different from other CBD brands?

Our CBD is produced using nanotechnology, making the CBD up to 90% bioavailable (compared to 10-15 percent bioavailable for CBD produced without nanotechnology) • We own our own formulas, which are constantly being improved upon, rather than white-labeling our products • We employ our own in-house scientist, as well as seek the expertise from PhD scientists and chemists • All products are sent out for third-party testing for accuracy and transparency • We use US-grown hemp only, grown using organic pesticides • All our products are manufactured in the US • We’ve been in the CBD industry since the beginning, so we’re privy to the latest ingredients and trends, and seek to incorporate them in our products

What differentiates CBD Living products from all the other hemp derivatives on the market?

CBD Living owns our own technologies and formulations. We employ an in-house scientist who is constantly working on improving the solution and creating new, innovative products. Most other CBD brands actually use white labels, meaning they do not own or create their own CBD formulas. Second, the legal federal limit of THC that a CBD product can contain is 0.3 percent, and many CBD companies take advantage of this threshold. At CBD Living, we are proud that all our products contain zero traces of THC, making them safe (and legal) for people and pets.

Is there anything CBD Living is doing that no other company has done?

Bring CBD products to a global scale. There are CBD companies located all over the world. However, none of them ship globally, achieving the growth that we have in so many locations.

Where can I buy CBD Living products?

CBD Living is sold in more than 2,000 retail locations including grocery stores, convenience stores, gyms, hotels, spas, juice bars, national food stores, pharmacies, gas stations, smoke shops, tanning salons and more. You can locate a store near you here. Customers can also shop online at CBD Living ships internationally to all countries in the world.

How do I become a CBD Living dealer?

Becoming a wholesale distributor is easy. Fill out the form on our website, and one of our experienced sales managers will get back to you shortly.

What is the benefit to a retailer selling CBD Living products?

A loyal, brand-focused customer base, great margins and the knowledge that CBD is a trend that is rapidly growing.

What is the average product price?

A bottle of our flagship product, CBD Living Water, typically retails for $3.99.

How much CBD does each product contain?

Each product contains a different amount of CBD. However, we strive to provide a dose between 5-25 mg per serving in every product we manufacture.

Is there any THC in CBD Living products?

No. There is zero THC in CBD Living products. Although CBD products are legally allowed to contain up to 0.3 percent THC, CBD Living is committed to offering products with zero traces of THC.

Where does the water come from before the CBD is infused?

We use locally-sorced spring water here in Southern California.

Where does the CBD come from?

All of our CBD comes directly from organically-grown hemp in the US.

Where does the hemp come from?

All our CBD comes from a licensed farm and extraction facility that is licensed under the Colorado and Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Program. CBD from this facility is triple-tested: at the farm, at the extraction facility and by CBD Living. All CBD from this facility contains absolutely no THC or traces of THC. As additional states come on board with state-sponsored industrial hemp programs, we are open to exploring relationships with other licensed facilities to ensure a consistent supply of CBD for our products. We are one of the few companies that can say we truly have traceability from seed to finished product.

Is the hemp certifid organic?

No. Currently, the agricultural committee does not have a standard set up for hemp. We do use organic growing practices and organic pesticides, but there’s no certification process in place yet.

Are all the products made in-house, or are some white-labeled?

A majority of the products are made in-house. Others are manufactured through contract manufacturers. For example, our water is produced at a California state-licensed water bottling plant in Corona, Calif.

Does CBD Living make the isolate, or does it come from somewhere else?

CBD Living’s isolate comes from a state-licensed farm and extraction facility that is licensed under the Colorado and Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Program.

What is nanotechnology?

CBD, in general, is not a water-soluble phytonutrient. By utilizing nanotechnology, we are able to create CBD products that are more easily absorbed into the bloodstream, increasing the bioavailability of the CBD to up to 90 percent, compared to 10-15 percent for CBD products manufactured without nanotechnology. We chose to utilize nanotechnology in our products because, with higher bioavailability, consumers need a smaller dose of CBD to get the full effect. In other words, they get more bang for their buck.

What is the entire process from the plant to the product ?

Our hemp is organically grown and cultivated at a state-licensed farm in Colorado, where it is tested for purity. The hemp is then extracted at this same state-licensed facility, where the CBD is tested again. The CBD makes its way to CBD Living’s facility in Corona, Calif. where it is sent out a third time for testing as a raw CBD material at a third-party firm. The CBD is verified to be potent and THC-free, and is sent back to CBD Living. After confirmation of these test results, the raw CBD is then manufactured into all the different products according to our internal standard operating procedures (SOPs) and proprietary formulas.

What kind of broad spectrum CBD is used?

We use broad spectrum CD that contains trace amounts of other cannabidiols, including CBC, CBN, and CBG.

How does the CBD patch work?

Most patches on the market (CBD or otherwise) take an adhesive and mix active ingredients and nutrients in with the glue. As a result, you are absorbing the nutrients through your skin, but you are also absorbing polymers and adhesives. Frequently, this can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions in users. CBD Living uses a reservoir patch. In the center of the patch is a reservoir with broad-spectrum CBD and active ingredients to allow your body to absorb the CBD. Surrounding the reservoir is 3M medical-grade adhesive, which is NOT absorbed by your body.

Why was CBD Living created?

CBD Living was created to fill a need in the community. Many people were looking for the holistic health benefits of marijuana type products, without having to consume THC or “get high.”

How did the idea for CBD Living come about?

Founder Bill Di Segna, a veteran of the medical cannabis industry, was attending a trade show when he first learned about the benefits of CBD, and the pros of producing CBD products using nanotechnology. However, the existing companies that were using nanotechnology weren’t able to keep up with demand or make necessary improvements and adjustments to their formulations. Bill thought that he could do better, and serve a much broader community of customers. He hired his own experts, set up his own nano lab and began R&D for what became CBD Living’s proprietary in-house formulas. .

How much investment have you raised and from whom?

We are a privately held, self-funded company.

Where are you headquartered? Why did you choose this location?

We are headquartered in Corona, California. We chose Corona because the city is incredibly CBD-friendly. Corona is a major hub for beverage companies, including household names like Monster Energy, and city officials have been instrumental in introducing us to resources within the city, as well as connecting us with local businesses.