Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is a phytocannabinoid molecule found with no psychoactive properties in the hemp plant.

What is CBD Living?
Who can benefit most from using CBD?
What are the benefits for consumers using CBD Living products?
What makes CBD Living different from other CBD brands?
What differentiates CBD Living products from all the other hemp derivatives on the market?
Is there anything CBD Living is doing that no other company has done?
Where can I buy CBD Living products?
How do I become a CBD Living dealer?
What is the benefit to a retailer selling CBD Living products?
What is the average product price?
How much CBD does each product contain?
Is there any THC in CBD Living products?
Where does the water come from before the CBD is infused?
Where does the CBD come from?
Where does the hemp come from?
Is the hemp certifid organic?
Are all the products made in-house, or are some white-labeled?
Does CBD Living make the isolate, or does it come from somewhere else?
What is nanotechnology?
What is the entire process from the plant to the product ?
What kind of broad spectrum CBD is used?
How does the CBD patch work?
Why was CBD Living created?
How did the idea for CBD Living come about?
How much investment have you raised and from whom?
Where are you headquartered? Why did you choose this location?