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Show Some Love with CBD to Your Cats

When many people think about pet products that contain CBD, their first thought is about the multiple dog-related products that contain CBD. This association isn’t without merit. There are more products for dog owners than there are for cats. There’s less research into cat products, so there are still fewer cat products than there are for dogs. However, CBD lovers who want to give their cat something infused with CBD isn’t entirely on their own. Here are some of the items that are good for cats that pet owners should consider using.

As more research is done on the ways that CBD can help cats, you’ll find the next cutting-edge cat technology by CBD Living. Based on scientific research and formulated specifically for cats, CBD products for cats help with anxiety, skin & coat problems. We know how you love your tiny ball of fur. Show some care to your cats with a daily dose of CBD.

How CBD Helps My Cats

One of the main benefits of CBD for people is also true for cats. With our nanotechnology, the absorption rate of the nano CBD is even more effective. CBD can help cats with anxiety and stress. 

CBD has antioxidant properties that could make it beneficial for your skin and hair. This applies to cats as well. These CBD cat products provide a calming relief and quickly soothe itchy, dry, and irritated cat’s skin. At CBD Living, we commit to provide both you and your cats the best CBD products that are vegan-friendly, soy-free, non-GMO, pH balanced formula. Our CBD products for cats are THC-free and contain no alcohol.

Learn More About CBD For Cats

How does CBD work for my cats?

Just like in humans, cats also have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that consists of receptors (CB1 and CB2), endocannabinoids and enzymes. The ECS within your cat’s body functions to keep everything in balance, from appetite and mood to stress level and immune system. Our CBD products for cats are carefully and scientifically formulated to influence your cat’s ECS and induce their bodies to naturally produce more endocannabinoids.

Is CBD safe for cats?

CBD is generally considered safe for cats. As with any new supplement or medication, please speak to your veterinarian before use, and monitor your pet carefully.

How much CBD should I give to my cat?

For your convenience, CBD Living Pet provides dosing information on the packaging of all CBD Living Pet products. Dosages depend on the product as well as the size of your cat.

How do I know if the CBD products work for my cats?

Monitor your cat carefully. Start with a low dose, then gradually increase dosage as needed. Always communicate with your veterinarian about any new supplements and products you are using.

Are there any side effects of CBD for my cat?

CBD is generally considered safe for cats. As with any new supplement or medication, please speak to your veterinarian before use, and monitor your pet carefully.

Does CBD make cats sleepy?

CBD has an anti-anxiety, calming effect. This may make your anxious cat drowsy once he/she has relaxed.

What are the benefits of CBD for cats?

Cats can benefit from CBD in many of the same ways humans can - from reducing pain and inflammation to calming anxiety.

How do you formulate your CBD products for cats?

CBD Living Pet products are manufactured using 100% organic hemp grown on state-licensed farms in the US. All products are 100% THC free and cruelty-free. Many are also non-GMO and free of common allergens such as gluten, corn and soy. Please check individual product labels before purchasing.