Will Your CBD Oil Expire

Will Your CBD Oil Expire

Will Your CBD Oil Expire?

It seems like everyone is discussing cannabidiol today. That is because it offers an array of potential benefits. Also, CBD oil is a natural substance that is extracted from an industrial hemp plant and is considered federally legal because it does not contain more than 0.3% of THC. This is the element responsible for providing the “high” sensation marijuana is known for.

While CBD has the potential to offer several benefits, many people wonder if the product they purchase will expire. Find out more about how long CBD oil lasts here.

The Expiration of CBD and How Much Should You Buy at Once?

The amount of CBD oil you require depends on your personal dosing needs and how often you plan to take it. Some people take CBD regularly, even daily, which provides the best results.

The amount of CBD you need to keep on hand should also be considered. Most CBD products have an approximate shelf life of 14 to 24 months. If you use a full dropper, or more, per day, you will likely benefit from buying the biggest bottle available from your favorite retailer or manufacturer.

It’s also smart to have a backup bottle. This will help ensure no issues arise if you lose, break, or drop your main bottle. You want to stock up a bit, but do not purchase more CBD than what you would use in a year since the bottle will begin to lose potency after this amount of time as passed.

Considerations That Provide Extended Shelf Life

When you buy your CBD product from a reputable manufacturer, there have likely been some precautions taken to help extend the product’s shelf life. For example, some manufacturers will use darker blue or green glass bottles for packaging, which work to reduce or eliminate the exposure to sunlight or other light sources.

Another important step manufacturer’s take is called the extraction method. In the CBD industry, CO2 extraction is considered the “gold standard.” This helps promote a longer shelf life for the product.

It is also important to consider the actual delivery method used. For example, most CBD soft gels will last longer than capsules because they are airtight and fully sealed.

Additional Considerations for CBD Extended Shelf Life

When you purchase CBD products, you can take steps to prolong its viable shelf life, too. For example, avoid storing the product in areas where there is light, air exposure, heat, or moisture. Specific tips include:

  • Store in a dark, cool location
  • Keep tincture bottles upright and closed
  • Keep CBD away from heat sources
  • Avoid keeping CBD in your car

While CBD does have a shelf life, there are steps that manufacturers take to help extend this. There are also things you can do to help maintain the product’s potency, as highlighted above. When you know how to store your CBD products correctly, you can feel confident they will last and provide the desired results when you finally use them.


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