Visiting a Hemp Garden in Full Bloom

Visiting a Hemp Garden in Full Bloom

On this blog, you can get all sorts of information about why cannabis is therapeutic, what it does for your body, and how it gets put into our top-quality products, whether it's edibles or cosmetics or anything else.

But there's another way to experience this that's more visual and less about researching products on the Internet.

Try going to a producer’s field and visiting a hemp garden during its “full bloom” season, or more accurately, the season of peak production, where stockholders are salivating over the processing and delivery of this commodity to its end markets. 

When you walk amongst these regal plants, the sights, the sounds and smells may convince you that this natural plant substance is for you!

Uses of CBD

Producers take all of that natural green crop and deliver it to processing stations where it can be made into all of the neat teas, tinctures, oils, lotions and other products that you enjoy every day.

We say “processing,” but really, it's minimal processing. Cannabis extract doesn't need a lot of gums and artificial items to keep it shelf-stable and doesn't need a lot of artificial flavors, because it has its own natural aroma and taste.

Cannabis, in general, is part of the green revolution where people understand the value of getting back to the land, and that's what you see when you actually visit a farm. The best hemp farms use a variety of natural processes to make their products safer and more ecologically friendly.

How popular is hemp as a crop? The business is booming so much that the federal U.S. government is racing to put in place a collection of lending, insurance and assistance programs for farmers who are participating in the drive to ramp up productivity to meet demand. 

Meanwhile, hemp farms all across the nation are offering people ways to see first-hand how great this stuff is and what it looks like as it grows. You can tour many of these farms, and enjoy looking at the attractive spiky leaves and elegant stems of the cannabis bearing plant, and then you can buy a range of high-quality CBD products from our easy e-commerce store!

For more, check out our website. We have the CBD oils and tinctures that you can use to “treat” drinks, and we also have CBD water and loose-leaf teas. We have bath bombs and soaps, and lotions. We have CBD for vegans and CBD for your four-legged furry friend (your dog or cat!) Take a look!


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