Topical CBD Pet Products for Your Cat and Dog


When caring for your pet, many of the best options to improve their skin and coat are topical products. These are the items that you place directly on their skin to give their coat a healthier shine or to make their features stand out. While pet owners can provide their dogs and cats CBD pills or gel caps to improve their skin, the best option is to use topical products that quickly absorb through the skin. Here are some of the topical items you can get from CBD Living that will help your pet feel better after their next bath. 

CBD Living Pet Shampoo

When it's time to bath your pet, consider using CBD pet shampoos like the ones we have for sale at CBD Living. Our pet shampoo uses a combination of various natural compounds to provide a calming relief and quickly soothe itchy, dry, and irritated pet's skin. Our system uses a unique blend of CBD Extract, aloe vera, and oatmeal. When combined, it produces a fantastic scent that stays with your pet and keeps them smelling nice until their next bath. Our pet shampoo is pH balanced and has a CBD Nano-Particles system. The nanoparticles have prolonged topical retention while allowing immediate penetration and absorption through the skin due to a Proprietary Skin Delivery System. Each 16 oz bottle contains 250mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Besides being cruelty-free, our shampoo is also vegetarian, soy-free, and GMO-free. So pet owners can use our shampoo without worrying about unnecessary compounds polluting the mix.

CBD Living Pet Conditioner

It's possible for pet owners only to use our CBD pet shampoo to wash their pets, but doing so could be a mistake for pet owners who want their pets to have the best enjoyment of their CBD bath time products. CBD Living’s Pet Conditioner provides a calming form of nourishment and shine to your pet's coat. The conditioner has slightly different makeup when compared to the shampoo. Our unique blend of oatmeal, fatty acids, and vitamins compliments the broad-spectrum CBD we use in every bottle. The CBD is used to create an advanced skin penetration enhancement system. This means that moisturizing properties are allowed to stay on the surface of the skin while nutrients are quickly absorbed and provide support from within.

With our new pet conditioner system, pet owners can provide calming nourishment and increase the shine for your pet's coat with a unique blend of CBD extract, oat protein, and coconut oil. When used correctly, it helps to eliminate odors and replenish their coat.

At CBD Living, our CBD Nano-Particles have prolonged topical retention while allowing immediate penetration and absorption through the skin due to a Proprietary Skin Delivery System. And like our shampoo, the conditioner is cruelty-free, pH Balanced, vegetarian,

Soy-free, and GMO-free.

If you’re interested in trying our CBD Shampoo or CBD Conditioner for your pet, you can order some from our website today. Send us a message online if you have any questions about the way our products are produced or the ingredients that we chose to use.

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