CBD For Wisdom Tooth Pain

Top Rated CBD For Wisdom Tooth Pain

The Best CBD For Dental Pain!

Top Rated CBD for Wisdom Tooth Pain

Unlike other body pain, a toothache is difficult to ignore. Whether it's tooth pain caused by infection or a wisdom tooth that's coming in, you might find a solution to the throbbing pain, thanks to this oil tooth pain product!


Packaged in a 2oz bottle with 750mg CBD, this product was developed with CBD Living's proprietary delivery system, so you get a high concentration of dental care CBD with every drop. Because it contains 0% THC, this CBD oil online may also be suitable for pain relief in humans and pets alike!


This best CBD oil is also: 

  • Vegan: Unlike certain CBD products that may not be vegan, our product has natural plant-based ingredients.

  • Certified Kosher: Compared to some CBD products that may not be Kosher certified, our product is a recognized suitable product for Jewish people.

  • Gluten-Free: Other products may be bad for people who can't take gluten, but not our CBD product which has no gluten so it can cater to gluten-allergic people.

  • Non-GMO: Unlike some cannabis products that may have unnatural ingredients, our CBD doesn’t use lab-developed GMOs so it is free from artificial ingredients. 
  • THC-free: Unlike other CBD products that could render the feeling of being high, our product has no THC so psychoactive effects can be avoided.

  • Utilizes CBD Living's Proprietary Self Emulsifying Technology: Compared to some CBD that may not have lasting effects, our product has a Proprietary Self Emulsifying Technology that renders immediate effects.


  • CBD Living uses only 100% organic hemp sourced from state-licensed farms in Oregon and Colorado: Though other cannabis products may not be organic, we made sure that our product has pure organic hemp source from state-licensed farms.

  • Made in the USA: Unlike cannabis products that are non-USA made, our  CBD has good quality and is  produced in the USA.  

How Is This Best CBD Helpful For Toothaches?

How Is This Best CBD Helpful For Toothaches?

The use of top CBD for dental care has been a subject of several studies over the years. Some medical studies have shown early on that cannabidiol (CBD) can potentially eliminate bacteria which causes tooth decay. Some research has also shown that CBD use can potentially prevent bone loss due to gum disease. 


Meanwhile, a 2020 article in a medical journal published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information: National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health (NCBI NLM NIH gov) indicates that CBD oil benefits have the potential for improving dental health.

According to this study, CBD may be more effective in removing side dental plaque compared to other oral health products. Though more research is needed to pinpoint the extent of CBD side effects, the report is suggesting that it may be useful for treatment in dentistry.

CBD may be helpful in easing painful teeth because it may have anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, CBD might be useful for patients recovering from minor dental operations. CBD might also help ease anxiety among patients who are waiting for their dentist appointments.

What Are The CBD Oil Benefits That I Can Get Upon Using It?

CBD is a natural compound that interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). Keeping the ECS balanced is important because it ensures the body's optimum function. The ECS regulates pain perception, sleep, mood, appetite, memory, fertility, and other body functions. An ECS that is out of balance can lead to the development of serious diseases. 


CBD may be useful in restoring balance to the ECS as a supplement for those who are diagnosed having low levels of natural cannabinoids in the body (also referred to as clinical endocannabinoid deficiency).  When used this way, CBD offers a lot of treatment benefits that go beyond pain reduction. 

If you want to take advantage of the health benefits of CBD, go for quality when you buy CBD oil. Choose a CBD product that is potent and easy to use. For tooth pain, you will want CBD that is fast-acting. This is most desirable because it may help you ease the pain and you can go back to work as soon as possible.

What Are The CBD Oil Benefits That I Can Get Upon Using It?

When looking for the right CBD for pain in your tooth, always check the label. Because CBD oil for tooth pain is ingested, you need to ensure that the product has been tested for quality. Most good brands would be happy to show you the test results for their product. The lab tests must rule out contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals in the CBD oil. 

More so, make sure that the ingredients used for the CBD oil is sourced locally and that the oil itself is made in the United States. Use CBD oil produced by a good brand; you know the product is safe and meets high-quality standards.

Does This Top CBD Oil Tooth Tincture Contain Medical Cannabis?

Medical cannabis is medicine derived from either hemp or marijuana plants. It has three active compounds: THC, CBD, and CBN. THC and CBN produce the feeling of intoxication or high that cannabis is known for.

Our CBD is made from 100% organic hemp grown in the US. It has 0% THC so it does not produce psychoactive effects associated with that cannabis compound. Moreover, our CBD pain product is unlikely to be detected on a drug test.

What Are The Other Oil Tooth Pain Products That I Can Use?

What Are The Other Oil Tooth Pain Products That I Can Use?

Aside from CBD oil which comes in various flavors, you can also use CBD gummies, CBD gel capsules, and CBD patches for pain. 

Only the CBD gummies and CBD gel capsules can be ingested. CBD salves could be applied directly to the skin outside the hurt tooth. Some people also use CBD oil pain products with their toothpaste.

Can I Use This For Other Dental Problems?

Can I Use This For Other Dental Problems?

There is no evidence that CBD can be used for treating pain from specific diseases, but several studies are also trying to uncover other uses of CBD in dentistry. For example, cannabis research done decades ago has indicated that CBD may be useful for several dental issues such as plaque, tooth decay, and gum disease. Studies have also shown that CBD may help boost the body’s antifungal and antibacterial capacities.


Anxious about going to the dentist? CBD may also help ease your dental pain anxiety. Make sure to ask your dentist on your day of visit to learn about the many ways CBD can support your dental health. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Does CBD help with wisdom teeth pain?

Does CBD help with wisdom teeth pain?

If pain is due to an impacted tooth or tooth decay, research says that CBD may help. CBD may relieve pain and ease inflammation. There is also evidence that CBD may help kill the two most common types of bacteria that lead to tooth decay. 


Dental anxiety CBD might also be useful for people who are worried about the pain of having their upper wisdom teeth pulled out. 

Does CBD cream help with tooth pain?

does CBD cream help with tooth pain

CBD cream applied directly to the skin might help ease the pain due to inflammation, but the effect might not last long because the cannabis acts only on the outside. For tooth pain, we recommend using CBD oil because it goes into the bloodstream and may offer anti-bacterial properties as well as fast-acting and lasting pain relief. 


What brand of CBD oil is best for inflammation?


The best brand of CBD oil is CBD Living! Our products are made in the US using organic, non-GMO hemp grown in local farms. They are 100% vegan, certified kosher, and gluten-free. Because CBD oil is locally processed, our product is organic and easy to share compared to other cannabis brands. 


Can I put CBD oil on my gums?

Can I put CBD oil on my gums

Yes, CBD oil is food-grade so you can place it directly on your aching gums and tooth. For fast results, however, we recommend you place 2 to 3 drops of CBD under your tongue and hold it there for a few seconds without swallowing. 


You may also add it to your favorite hot or cold beverage. For a pleasant experience, make sure that the CBD oil flavor complements the flavors of your food.


Remember, cannabis can cause undesirable effects, so ask your dentist about the side effects of CBD and the recommended dose  for your specific needs.


Don't let your wisdom tooth pain get worse because untreated pain can be a symptom of more serious tooth health issues! Consult with your dentist to see how else CDB can support your dental health needs. 

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