CBD For Wisdom Tooth Pain

The Best CBD For Wisdom Tooth Pain: How Does It Work?

the best cbd for wisdom tooth pain

This article discusses the effects of CBD on one's teeth and its relevance to dental pain.

Pain, pain, go away! Never come back and never stay!

The wisdom tooth is the last kind of tooth that emerges through the gums. As it is the last, this tooth is also the most painful for young adults aging 17 to 21.

In most situations, a molar tooth can be impacted, causing tremendous pain and swelling, making you irritated even to get a peaceful night's sleep.

Here is some information to understand CBD for wisdom tooth pain and to consider of aiding relief from dental discomfort in the future using CBD remedies like CBD Tincture - Oil Drops.

 The Best CBD Product For Your Dental Pain

the best cbd product for your dental pain

A CBD tincture is a plant-based extract that has been infused with oil. CBD tinctures, also known as CBD oil drops, are created by extracting CBD from organic hemp plants using CO2 extraction processes. To make the final product, the CBD is combined with organic MCT oil.

CBD Living Tinctures are simple to use and may be taken under the tongue or blended with food or beverages when being disturbed by a painful tooth or teeth.

Tinctures can be used by experienced CBD users to obtain the greatest possible CBD concentrations - up to 10,000 mg.

Oil-soluble nutrients, such as our broad-spectrum CBD, may be supplied in an oil formulation thanks to our exclusive Self Emulsifying Technology.

A water-soluble micelle structure with a particle size of 100 nanometers is generated as soon as the oil enters the stomach's aqueous environment.

The droplets are delivered straight into the circulation from the lymphatic system, providing immediate and long-lasting relief from tooth pain.

Options for CBD oil/tincture variants:
100 mg (spray)
100 mg (dropper)
300 mg oil
750 mg oil
1500 mg oil
4500 mg oil
10000 mg oil

Though there are other similar brands available in the market, CBD Living is an advantage compared to those products in terms of the following features:
CBD Living is a vegan-friendly product that has antioxidants that could help in fighting against cavities and other gum problems.

Unlike other CBD items, which may contain substances that are harmful to our dental health, our product may be helpful since it contains an antioxidant!

cbd living tincture thc free
CBD Living is all organic, non-GMO, and all-natural. Our CBD product is manufactured from natural materials, unlike some CBD preparations that are non-GMO and may include dangerous chemicals.

CBD Living is THC-free. Because our product does not contain THC, it is free of any psychoactive side effects. Other products might not guarantee a 0% THC, CBD merchandise remains true to no tetrahydrocannabinol.

CBD Living is made of 100% organic hemp sourced from state-licensed farms in Oregon and Colorado. Our product incorporates ingredients from state-licensed farms that produce 100 percent organic hemp, which helps to promote dental health through dental health cbd oil.

Unlike the majority of CBD goods on the market, which may or may not be organic, our product contains only pure organic hemp.

CBD Living is made in the United States of America. Our product is created in the United States, thus it meets international standards.

Unlike other CBD brands that are not created in the United States, our product is made in the United States and satisfies worldwide standards as a product that may be helpful for promoting excellent dental health.

Moreover, As opposed to typical CBD, which is about 10-15% CBD, CBD Living features a revolutionary delivery mechanism that results in 90 percent CBD. This means you'll save time and money by using lesser dosages for bigger benefits.

Can This CBD Help With My Dull Tooth Pain?

CBD may contain anti-inflammatory properties that may aid in soothing toothaches and other dental pain to improve health.

By lowering swelling, you can avoid additional pain building or, at the very least, make it simpler to live with discomfort.

To treat molar pain, CBD should not be used as a systemic painkiller. However, our positive users reviews have experienced relief even if a CBD oral spray, CBD oil, or CBD tincture is administered directly to the afflicted region.

If tooth pain is persistent, CBD may be helpful in bacterial prevention from penetrating and causing harmful disease. 

Is CBD Safe For Teeth?

There have been numerous articles written about the health benefits of CBD, particularly on your dental health, anxiety, and other body pain. Dr. Benjamin Hornstein, a dentistry practitioner in Beachwood, says his idea on CBD article. According to his statement, "CBD may help oral health since CBD may help with pain somehow". This does not mean this is true only the experience of this Doctor.

In other studies, CBD may be beneficial in aiding relief. While CBD is not proven to be safe it may contain antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic qualities, further research is needed before prescribing it as a therapy.

Cbd oil safe qualities are repeated by in our positive user reviews. However, more pain cbd clinicals are required to prove if CBD is safe. Be ware of CBD brands that are not trustworthy they may produce CBD that could be harmful to teeth.

Thus, it is vital to read labels, research, and choose the right CBD product in selecting products. By doing so, you are relieving yourself from CBD tooth pain.

Is Medical Cannabis The Best Option For Tooth Pain?

Several studies have been conducted to report the benefits of Cannabis or CBD for toothache and any other oral pain. It may be the best option for the following reasons:    

  • Cannabis or CBD is available in various forms: oil, gummy, capsule, lotion, balms, and others.    

  • Cannabis or CBD may help in relieving chronic discomfort.

  • Cannabis or CBD may be helpful alongside opioids.

  • Cannabis or CBD may aid in reducing the risk of further gum problems.

  • Cannabis or CBD may aid in decreasing anxiety due to pain.

With minimal side effects, cannabis may be beneficial and the best CBD for tooth pains. And, if you wish to use medical cannabis, doctor consultation is necessary for a guided medication with a promising result. Moreover, Cannabis is not only limited to working to aid helping relieve tooth pain. Epidiolex is the only FDA approved cannabis medication that is used for managing the seizure diseases Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, according to NCBI NLM NIH gov.

How Long Before CBD Relieves My Dental Pain?

how long before cbd relieves my tooth pain

Various dental problems are caused by numerous factors affecting the teeth and gums. Some might be due to simple clenching or grinding of teeth, or some might be because of a deep cavity. Whatever the reasons are, surely, you want the pain to go away in an instant. 

Using CBD oil preparation requires one to know the proper dosage and frequency. Here are simple guidelines to remember in using CBD Freeze Roll-on:

  • Spray or drop directly into the mouth or on the tongue

  • Each 0.5 oz (15 mL) jar contains 100 mg (about 15 servings) of broad-spectrum nano hemp extract CBD.

  • One milliliter of CBD Living Tincture contains 6.6 milligrams of CBD.

  • A standard serving of CBD Living Tincture (1 mL) has 10 calories and 1 gram of fat.

  • Keep in a cool, dry location.

With proper CBD Living dosage and frequency, effects will occur within 5 – 30 minutes after the intake. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Using CBD For Oral Pain?

Though CBD may be helpful to aid in relief to toothache, there are still several side effects that you need to pay attention to. Here are some side effects based on tooth pain on CBD clinical:

  • Might Cause Gum Problems - A single study report was released regarding the effects of CBD on gums. 

  • Dry Mouth - CBD is absorbed via the mucous membrane in the mouth when used in sublingual forms like sprays or tinctures. CBD can then reach the salivary glands' cannabinoid receptors, limiting saliva output and producing dry mouth.

  • Anxiety - CBD might theoretically make you uneasy or develop anxiety if it contains a high dose of THC.

  • Cough - Terpenes produce throat irritation, which leads to coughing. If you're not used to CBD vaping, you may experience coughing until you get acclimated.

  • Dysphoria - Dysphoria happens when taking CBD in high doses or irregularly. 

Other Side Effects (for patients who are sensitive to CBD):

  • Sedation
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in
  • weight or appetite

The interaction of CBD with other medication, the unreliability of the CBD product, the CBD dosage, and the presence of higher THC and less CBD could cause these side effects. Therefore, it is always best to seek advice from a reliable source like a medical professional to minimize pain.

How Is CBD Effective For Oral Pain?

How does it work as the best CBD for canine tooth pain?

CBD interacts with our body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS normally contains naturally occurring cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors; when they interact, the ECS can control biological processes such as pain, hunger, and mood.

CBD is a cannabinoid that interacts with cannabinoid receptors to impact these processes when consumed or applied to the skin. Thus, it may help in subsiding aching by targeting the ECS.


Related Questions About The Use Of CBD For Wisdom Tooth Pain

Does CBD Help With Oral Pain?

CBD may be helpful alongside an analgesic (pain reliever) beneficial in alleviating the forms of pain experienced by dental patients. This may be helpful in aiding with inflammation, nerve pain, surgical pain, and even dental anxiety.

How Do You Use CBD Oil For Toothache?

CBD Oil Drops are among our top CBD tooth remedies that may be taken under the tongue or combined with food and beverages to aid in relief for molar tooth pain and toothache. If you prefer to mix oil up with your favorite food or drink, you may do so. The effect of the oil will take about 5-30 minutes after intake.

What Drug Helps With Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief?

CBD or Ibuprofen: Taking the advised dose on the package might help you feel better. It can also help with gum irritation caused by the eruption of wisdom teeth. Ibuprofen or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) may be useful pain relievers until a person can visit a dentist.

Why Is CBD Recommended For Dental Problems?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, may be helpful to lower inflammation and pain sensitivity and diminish the damage caused by gum disease. CBD interacts with CB2 receptors in the brain and governs the body's immunological processes.

Does Smoking Have Something To Do With Toothache?

Smoking harms gum tissue and promotes receding gums, exposing the teeth's roots. The exposure of sensitive nerve endings that are normally hidden behind the gum line might increase the risk of tooth decay and induce hot/cold sensitivity.

Effects of Smoking on Teeth:

  1. Smoking can impair your sense of smell and taste, while cigarette tar can stain your teeth, darken your tongue, and cause halitosis.

  2. Smokers' immune systems are reduced, resulting in decreased defenses against oral illnesses and a prolonged recovery time following dental surgical operations.

  3. Gum & Periodontal Disease: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smokers are twice as likely to develop gum disease.

  4. Smoking promotes the growth of germs, plaque, and tartar, which leads to cavities, decay, and tooth loss.

  5. Smokers are more likely to get mouth sores and ulcers.

  6. Gum recession occurs when a smoker's gums recede, exposing the crown edges. This might make dental hygiene more difficult and modify how their crowns look.

  7. Oral Cancer: Harmful chemicals present in cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco induce mutations in healthy cells in the mouth and throat, increasing your chance of getting oral cancer, which is one of the most dangerous and difficult to treat cancers.

Based on the different effects of smoking, it is considered bad for your oral health.

How To Use CBD Oil For Gum Disease?

If your tooth pain is particularly severe or is linked to a specific medical or dental problem, your dentist should be the one to advise you on the best course of action. On the other hand, CBD may be helpful in aiding with the symptoms in less severe conditions like ordinary toothaches.

When flossing isn't cutting it, you might want to consider obtaining some CBD to aid in reducing your discomfort. Capsules/edibles and CBD oil tinctures are the most prevalent CBD approach for tooth pain.


  1. The first way is to use an oil dropper to administer a few drops of CBD oil on your finger or a q-tip (wash your hands beforehand). 

  2. Then, carefully apply the CBD oil to your gums using your finger/swab, focusing on the cause of your pain. 

  3. The second way to use CBD oil is to mix it with your toothpaste. 

  4. Brush with your toothbrush after adding 1-2 CBD oil drops to the toothpaste. Brushing your teeth with oil should focus on the regions around your gums where the discomfort originates from.

  5. It will most likely take roughly 20 minutes for CBD oil tinctures to start functioning. You can try CBD if you don't mind waiting a little longer to feel better.

  6. Start using CBD toothpaste and mouthwash to aid in symptoms and potential help dental health. However a prescription oral rinse prescribed by a dentist is better for killing germs.

The shelf life of most medical CBD oils on the market is one to two years on average. Always check the label for your CBD oil's expiration date/shelf life or any CBD before using it.

Hopefully, these inspired medical details will help you decide on the best CBD for tooth pain. Though the usage of CBD does not guarantee full prevention or cure, it is still worth a try, for it may help you in some way.

Depending on your convenience and budget, you can decide whether to choose oil or tinctures, gummies, or capsule.

Always consult your doctor to secure original CBD brands and check the expiration dates. CBD for Tooth Pain – Let's see if it works for you!

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