Signs Your Senior Dog May Benefit from a CBD Supplement

Regardless of if you have recently adopted a senior pup or if your dog has reached their “Golden Years,” a great way to help keep them healthy and feeling young is by adding a CBD supplement to their diet.

Each mammal, including humans, dogs, cats, horses, and more, have an Endocannabinoid System, or ECS for short. This system has two receptors, one that is found in the brain and the other that is found in the immune system. When the ECS has been activated, it creates a two-way communication between all the systems in the body. The systems that are controlled include the memory and cognitive functions, cardiovascular system, and even the digestive system.

If you have begun to see the signs of aging in your pet, you should consider a CBD supplement. Some of the reasons this supplement may be beneficial can be found here.

Issues with Mobility

When your pet gets older, they may begin to suffer from painful or aching joints that they may not have experienced before. CBD oil can provide help with inflammation and relieve some of the pain they are experiencing. For early issues with mobility, there are edible options that can be given as a type of daily superfood supplement that can also provide the dog with a bit more “pep.” If your pet suffers from severe joint pain, using CBD oil each day is a smart option.

Weight Loss

If you have begun to notice that your cat or dog has begun to eat much less than normal or if they are refusing to eat, try to change up their diet and ad CBD oil to their daily routine. CBD has a reputation of being able to stimulate your pet’s appetite and can even help to reduce vomiting and nausea.

Inability to Sleep Well

There are several pets that may become more restless as they age, and it may be difficult for them to sleep through the night. This can be problematic for you, as they may be getting up all hours of the night and waking you up, as well. CBD oil offers calming and relaxing properties that will help your pet sleep more comfortably and help them avoid waking up in the middle of the night.

Skin Allergies

Regardless of age, virtually any dog can begin to experience skin irritations. However, this is much more common as they get older. This is another condition that CBD oil can help with. There are some dog parents who have even begun to notice that their pup has a shinier coat of fur when the CBD oil is used regularly.

If you have noticed signs of old age setting in with your pet, now is the time to act. Consider adding a CBD supplement to their diet, as this offers an array of benefits. Just make sure to buy from a quality brand, as not all products available for sale are created equal.

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