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As a significant part of the history of homeopathic remedies, tinctures have been a popular way to distill herbs to enhance their biggest medicinal and health values.

Our CBD tinctures take the natural cannabis plant and use compatible agents to unlock its potential. This is a great way to make this product easy to use and really effective. When it comes to creating the best CBD products, science matters!

What is a Tincture?

In making a tincture, you take some herbal products and mix it with some other element like alcohol that extracts its core properties. Many tinctures use available natural oils that work well to extract herbal elements. The choice has to do with what most complements a given natural medicinal herb and what’s most practical for long-term storage. 

The idea here is that this mixture allows the health properties of the herb itself to be easily metabolized in the body. The immersing agent provides that “unlocking” that’s so important – because if your body can’t get access to the active elements of the plant, the whole thing just passes through with very little actual benefit. 

Some Examples of Historic Tinctures

In the past, some people used an elderberry tincture to fight inflammation, as the distilling of the plant unlocked antioxidants and similar chemicals that can alleviate some forms of inflammation in the body. That’s just one example of taking one of many plants with antioxidants and making sure that the body can access these helpful, healthful molecular structures. 

Other tinctures are based on medicinal roots, for example, turmeric, which contains a different anti-inflammatory property and has historically been used for joint pain and other remedies.  Then there are all of the astringent types of tinctures like lemon, parsley leaf and others that have their own specific uses, and require a close look at the immersing agent. 

CBD Tinctures

Our high-quality tinctures extract CBD from the hemp plant using organic MCT Oil. This design helps with high absorption and takes effect fast – dosing leads to effects within just 15 to 45 minutes. Our lab-tested products use a proprietary method to refine the properties and health values of CBD in an easy-to-use dose.

Check out our range of tincture products in our catalog, and learn more about how to get these quality products directly to your door. We have all of the CBD products you’ll ever need to create your own personalized routine and enjoy better health!

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