How to Use Loose Leaf CBD

How to Use Loose Leaf CBD

One of our most popular sales is our set of loose leaf CBD products – containers filled with dried plant material that can be used to infuse CBD into your morning cup of tea.

Although many of our customers use loose leaf CBD in tea, there are some little tips that can help beginners to figure out if this is the right way for them to access the health benefits of CBD oils.

Choosing the Right Tea

One of the biggest reasons that people would use loose leaf CBD is because they want to blunt the natural taste of the CBD oil itself, or mix it with other more sympathetic flavors. Of course, tea comes in all sorts of flavors, and our loose leaf CBD has its own flavorings as well.

With that in mind, it helps to find the right flavor of tea to mix with the CBD, which tends to have an earthy and sometimes even a bit acidic taste. Some also suggest using less processed teas such as natural white tea for mixing with CBD.

Cold Water Treatment

In some cases, tea and CBD aficionados suggest adding a dash of cold water to the mixture before letting it brew. This can decrease the uptake of the types of flavors that you want to limit in your loose leaf CBD tea. In other words, some of the tricks that tea drinkers use to infuse the CBD just revolve around making the stuff taste good. Taste is subjective, of course, as any lover of traditional flavors like star anise knows. But getting the taste right has an impact on whether you succeed with adding CBD tea to your daily routine.

Including Dairy Products

This tip is especially important with loose leaf CBD because it determines how your body takes in what you’re using.

CBD oil on its own is not binding to water. Some people refer to it as ‘hydrophobic’ or again, non-binding. So when you use looseleaf CBD in water, it doesn’t really aid you in getting the full effect (or any appreciable effect at all, you might say).

CBD does bind to fats, and so having some butter or cream in the tea will help achieve that result of getting the chemicals into a form that your body can digest.

These are some of the helpful things that we’ve heard people talk about as they consider using loose leaf CBD products. Take a look on our website for all sorts of helpful CBD choices and you can also peruse many more of our edibles and ingestible CBD options. We are pleased to present a modern, broad inventory for our customers!

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