CBD and THC: Some Things to Know

CBD and THC: Some Things to Know

In talking about the power of cannabis for personal health, we sometimes forget that there's quite a lot of confusion about different kinds of plants and what they contain.

These are really important details, though, because how you approach cannabis makes so much of a difference in what it does for you!

The Perils of THC

In the old days, we tended to think of both the hemp and marijuana plants as somewhat the same, and delivering cannabis that has a powerful THC component. The THC is the stuff that science considers to be ‘psychotropic’ – that really affects your mind in an in extreme and direct way. When people talked about “getting high” and “reefer madness” and all of that, that's what they were talking about.

These ideas persisted for decades, and people who were using any kind of cannabis were seen as outlaws because marijuana was completely criminalized.

Now let's talk about what THC does and some of the specific effects.

While many people do get a higher or pleasant sensation from THC, many others get some pretty scary stuff going on within their minds. 

Paranoia and extreme anxiety are often reported with using strains of cannabis that have high levels of THC in them. People sensitive to this have found it hard to distinguish between the strains that are safe and those that are not. As a result, it's really common for people who previously liked marijuana to get cannabis with THC one more time and simply freak out, because something is different – whether it’s the level of THC, or what the mind does with the sensations that it receives. 

A few bad trips put many people off of their cannabis for good, or for a long time. 

Skipping the THC

What we've heard from so many of our customers is that they really value the ability to get the cannabis without the THC, because they get the relaxation and alleviate their anxiety, without the more potent effects of THC that can actually trigger anxiety and paranoia.

The CBD is a calm, tranquilizing way to treat anxiety, while THC, in general, is either a really great high, or a really scary trip…of course, this is different for every person, that’s part of what makes it so unpredictable. 

So even though marijuana with THC is being partly decriminalized, so many people are finding that the way to feel better is to use completely legal and stable CBD substances rather than dabble in partially illegal and potent THC cannabis where you’re rolling the dice as to what you're going to experience.

This is worth talking about because it's affected so many people. You can see on Reddit where people discover CBD and love that it doesn't have THC, and it's completely legal and safe.

We have all the CBD products that help you to develop a cannabis regimen that's THC-free, from edibles to bath bombs and lotions and cosmetic products and things for your pet. Check it out!


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