3 Innovative Ways To Get More CBD into Your Diet

3 Innovative Ways To Get More CBD into Your Diet

As more people around the world turn to CBD as a THC-free alternative remedy, there’s a growing number of people who are looking for innovative ways to add CBD to their diet. Many consumers have heard of products like CBD living water and edibles, but that only scratches the surface of all the ways that CBD Living can be used to make your life more healthful and free of illness. Here are three ways to add more CBD to your diet, including some ideas you haven’t heard of before.

CBD Instant Coffee

For most people, starting your day with a cup of coffee is the only way to beat the morning blues and to get started with the day. For some CBD users, this opportunity is perfect for injecting some CBD that will help get your day off the ground. At CBD Living, we have three kinds of instant coffee that are infused with bioavailable CBD. We have a regular instant coffee, an instant coffee that contains golden milk, and a third that has matcha coffee. Each serving of our instant coffee is infused with 7mg of nano-CBD for maximum bioavailability. One of the benefits of using instant coffee is that you know the CBD isn’t being wasted in a coffee filter somewhere. Starting your day with instant coffee from CBD Living can help you get a head start on the day.

CBD Loose Leaf Tea

Next to coffee, hot tea is another example of a drink that people use to give themselves a boost during the day or to calm down at the end of a long day. Tea may be more prevalent in other countries, but there are plenty of reasons for people to try loose leaf tea if they want another way to get CBD into your diet. At CBD Living, our CBD Loose Leaf Teas comes in six flavors. These include Berry Black Tea, Passion Green Tea, Mango Herbal Tea, Chai Turmeric Tea, Coconut Herbal Tea, and Matcha Instant Green Tea. With so many flavors to choose from, tea lovers are sure to find a blend they like.  Each package of Loose Leaf Tea is 2oz and contains 7.5mg of CBD per typical serving. CBD tea is THC free, so people won't have to worry about feeling "high" as they go about their daily activities as they usually would. We also have accessories, like a tea diffuser bottle, an infusion ball, and much more.

CBD Syrups

Many kinds of CBD edibles deliver the power of CBD in a form that's easy to digest. One of the options that are often overlooked is the idea of using syrups to help potential patients get more rest. CBD Living’s PM Syrups each contain 120mg of full-spectrum CBD. These syrups also use a unique nano-CBD technology to infuse each syrup with CBD that is highly bioavailable and easily absorbed. The products also contain additional sleep aids, like Melatonin, which can help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. CBD Living PM Syrups should be taken in the evening about 30 minutes before sleep. This will allow the CBD to be absorbed and the melatonin to take effect. The dosing for syrups is less precise than other methods of giving out CBD. It's recommended that you start with a small dosage then work your way up to find what works best for you.

You can order these items from CBD Living to ensure you’re getting pure quality CBD that’s laboratory tested. If you have any questions about these innovative ways to enjoy CBD, send us a message online to learn more.


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