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CBD Topicals for Your Daily Wellness Ritual

CBD topicals here can be applied directly to the troubling area, giving a soothing effect to the skin and sore muscles. These CBD topical products are super easy to use and have a long-lasting effect for over 8 to 12 hours.
Remember never to ingest CBD topicals. If your skin symptoms have appeared suddenly or if you feel strong pain, then you should first consult your physician before using the product. These products are not recommended to be used on open wounds.

CBD Topicals for Joint Support and Sore Muscles

We formulate CBD topicals to help with the targeted relief. Browse our nano CBD Patch and CBD Freeze (roll-on and pump) for any muscle pain, post-workout recovery. The nano CBD in our topical products is easily penetrated through your skin cell to the bloodstream for higher efficacy and faster absorption.

CBD Topicals for Skin Health

Our CBD topicals support your skin ritual and help you de-stress everyday. Pamper yourself with our CBD soap and CBD bath bombs that will help moisten your skin, leaving you with smooth and healthy skin. Then move on to our non-greasy CBD Living Lotion for treating dry skin while getting your daily dose of CBD. For cracked skin, try our nano CBD salve with a relaxing coconut scent.

Learn More About CBD Topicals

What are CBD topicals?

CBD Living offers a variety of topical CBD products designed to be applied to the skin, rather than ingested. Topicals are ideal for people experiencing physical pain because you can apply the product directly to the problem area.

How do CBD topicals work?

CBD Living uses a proprietary Skin Retention Technology which makes it easier for our products to penetrate the skin barrier, delivering nutrients and CBD directly to problem areas and retaining moisture better.

How do CBD topicals function differently compared to CBD edibles?

The difference is in the problem the customer wants to solve. For example, physical ailments like sore muscles are best treated by topical CBD products that can be applied directly to the site. For internal, or whole-body complaints such as stress or anxiety, an edible CBD product would function better.

Are CBD Living topical products safe for daily application?

Yes. CBD is non-toxic, meaning you cannot “overdose” on it. CBD Living topical products are safe for daily use.

Can CBD be absorbed through the skin?

Typically, the skin’s primary barrier, the stratum corneum, prevents many topical products and nutrients from making it through the skin to pain receptors. CBD Living manufactures its topical products using a proprietary Skin Retention Technology which is designed to penetrate this skin barrier and deliver CBD and nutrients directly to the pain receptors.

Will applying CBD topical products on one area of the body provide relief for the whole body?

No. CBD topical products are ideal for targeting specific problem areas, such as a sore muscle or chronic pain. Simply apply the product directly to the area that is causing you pain to get relief.