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2 products

Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 444 reviews
Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 444 reviews
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 304 reviews
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 304 reviews
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 304 reviews
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 304 reviews
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 304 reviews
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 304 reviews

CBD Drinks From CBD Living

Getting tired of the flavors of drinks you have everyday? CBD Living's CBD drinks may just be the fresh new take on drinks you've been looking for! Witness CBD's effects for yourself whether it's CBD on water, tea, or even lemonade, CBD Living's got you covered.

Whether or not someone recommends you try these out or if you found CBD Living on your own, we hope you get the best CBD experience you can have with our products.

Keep an eye out for new CBD drinks in our stock too. Who knows, maybe CBD cocktails, a CBD drink mix, CBD cold brew, or CBD sports drink is on the horizon? Check with us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or just this site for news and updates.

The Differences CBD Sparkling Water Have To CBD-Free Sparkling Drinks

The name is probably the biggest sign of what the difference is between these two. CBD sparkling water and other CBD drinks contain a cannabis compound called Cannabidiol (CBD). 

Products that use hemp extracts like CBD have been gaining traction in recent years as more and more of them keep popping up. It's no surprise that people with different preferences will want different types of products.

It was only a matter of time before someone thought of creating a CBD drink. CBD drinks make taking CBD more accessible because of how simple it is to drink sparkling water or tea in the comfort of your home, outside, or a bar.

You don't have to worry about getting high with our CBD water or other drinks. CBD Living's CBD contains no THC which is the psychoactive compound that causes the high sensation. CBD Living does have Delta-8 and HHC drinks though, so you might want to take a look at those if the high is what you want.

As for legality, CBD Living's CBD-infused water, oil, and other products use either nano broad spectrum CBD, full-spectrum CBD, Delta-8, or HHC. 

Broad spectrum CBD contains little to no THC, but CBD Living makes sure that its broad spectrum CBD contains none at all. This means we’re complying with federal law which allows products to have 0.3% THC.

Delta-8 THC and HHC on the other hand, are different variants of THC. The law specifically restricts Delta-9 THC so these compounds when infused in water, a cocktail, oil or other products, are not restricted.

A sparkling CBD beverage may grant you the benefits that regular sparkling water has, and add in the benefits of the CBD that's been infused in it. To get the best understanding of the benefits hemp CBD drinks may have, we've made a list of benefits below. 

Why Choose A CBD Drink From The CBD Living Brand

What sets us apart from other cannabis brands is CBD Living’s use of nanotechnology for the best quality blend for your drink. With this technology, our drinks and products have increased bioavailability and increased their effectiveness so you get greater effects with smaller doses.

Another thing that sets CBD Living apart is that with us, you'll have assured quality and safety in your drink. Some brands may have shady or vague label descriptions and sources with their products. Our CBD is harvested and tested on-site and is tested even further for accuracy and transparency on another site with a third party.

This detailed process will allow us to have the best performance among hemp and cannabis drinks. A brand of our size has the resources to make sure that we're one of the most well-known and trusted among CBD brands.

Make sure to get  the best information you can before you buy a CBD drink pack online or offline. This will allow you to get the perfect experience. You can find more information about us and our hemp-infused products in the "Learn More" and "About" sections of this site.

What Benefits/Effects Do Our CBD Drinks Make You Feel?

Here's the complete list of the best effects these hemp extract-infused drinks have to offer:


Our drinks have plant-based ingredients.

Other CBD products may include unnatural ingredients, however, any CBD drink from us uses ingredients that are from plants.


Our drinks use non-genetically modified ingredients.

Unlike other CBD products that may have GMOs, our CBD products use organic ingredients.


CBD products from us can be consumed by gluten-sensitive people.

Some CBD products may have gluten but our CBD products don’t. This will allow people who are gluten-sensitive to consume them.

Certified Kosher:

Our CBD products adhere to the cultural beliefs of Jews.

Unlike other CBD products that may not comply with the Jewish tradition, our CBD products are Kosher certified so Jews can consume them with ease.

Natural sweeteners and flavors used:

Our CBD products have organic ingredients.

Some CBD products may not be all-natural, however, our CBD products use sweeteners that are organic and may give rich flavors.

Zero grams of sugar per can:

Our CBD products have no sugar which may aid in weight loss without compromising the flavors.

Unlike other CBD products that may not be suitable for people who regulate their sugar levels, our CBD product is sugar-free so it may help in reducing weight.

CBD Living uses only 100% organic hemp sourced from state-licensed farms in Oregon and Colorado:

Our CBD products make use of authentic organic hemp.

Unlike other products containing CBD that may use sourced hemp from unlicensed farms, our CBD products use organic hemp from authorized sources.

Made in the USA:

Our CBD products are manufactured in the USA.

Other CBD products may not be from the USA, however, our CBD products are produced and distributed globally from the USA.

Does CBD Living Offer CBD Products Other Than CBD Drinks?

Yes! If you liked a CBD drink you've tried from us, we've got some good news. CBD Living sells several other products with spectrum CBD and other hemp compounds.

Aside from water CBD beverages, CBD Living sells full-spectrum hemp extract gummies, CBD chocolate, and CBD oil just to name a few.

It's not just CBD products too! CBD Living also sells products with other cannabinoids like Delta-8 and HHC. Whatever cannabis flavors suit your tastes, you've come to the perfect place. You can find all of these hemp-infused items on this site.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Do CBD Drinks Do?

That would depend on the specific CBD-infused product you consume. Remember to read the specific product description, benefits, and ingredients of each product before buying or trying them out.

Generally speaking, however, the effects that CBD may have are that it may induce relaxation effects or it may give you energy. This may differ per product though, so don't forget to check for yourself.

Do CBD In Drinks Actually Work?

Some studies, like the one mentioned above, have yielded a few results. Despite this, research on CBD and other hemp compounds is still ongoing, and products like CBD water have no guaranteed effects. 

However, CBD is generally considered to be safe. This means you may try out these products and see if they work for you.

How Are CBD Drinks Consumed?

CBD Living sells an assortment of products. Some of them are ready-made to be consumed such as bottles and cans of CBD water. Some of them come in a powder pack or bottle where you have to prepare the drinks for yourself.

Each item will have instructions on how to drink or brew them though, so you can refer to the specific product page of the item you're interested in.

What Drinks Have CBD In Them?

Currently, all the products above that have "CBD" in the product name are the CBD beverages we're selling. These range from sparkling drinks to water, tea, and more!

More and more CBD-infused drinks are being introduced though. Check with us regularly to see if new CBD-infused beverages have become available.