Our CBD Pet Products

Our CBD Pet Products

We have a lot of supplies for humans on our e-commerce website, but we also have a pretty interesting array of products for their furry friends, too.

If you enjoy a regular CBD routine or want to boost your health with the natural power of cannabis, why would you deny the same benefit to your beloved pet?

Of course, some of the benefits of CBD for people and pets are not yet very widely known about or understood.

However, if you think about the antibacterial and health-boosting properties of CBD, you may start to understand how it can help your dog or cat.

Here are some of the pet products that we routinely sell on our e-commerce portal.

Bathing Your Pup

As we talked about on our blog before, CBD is a great topical.

Our pet shampoos are infused with natural cannabis to give your pet an extra clean bath. In addition to any cannabis that gets topically received, there's the surface antibacterial and antiseptic quality of CBD to help get pets cleaner – these products are great especially for long-haired dogs. 

Other Topicals

There’s more on our site, too: for your cat, we have a nose and paw salve that is the talk of the town. Look for capsules and other products for friends both canine and feline, for a great way to treat your pet to the power of CBD.


By ingesting natural cannabis, your pet can get the same kinds of health value that you do from our products like CBD water and gummies.

The difference is that your pets will only eat certain things, and should only need certain things, so we have formulated our pet food products with that in mind. For example, check out our hard chews made with natural foods like peanut butter, pumpkin, and banana, things that have been vetted as snacks for your four-legged companion.

Pet Breath

Does your dog have that funky morning breath?

Due to the animal’s usual diet and other factors, pet breath can be pretty intense. Our pet breath products help to mitigate that odor with the power of cannabis included.

These are some of the major parts of our pet product catalog. Think about what you can use in your household to improve your CBD regimen and help your pet participate, too. It’s CBD for everyone! We’re excited about our products – read more on the site and order what you need for a new health and wellness regimen.


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