Living With CBD: New Trends for 2022

What is “CBD Living?”

When we named this business, we thought about the future in a very particular way – and we think that has paid off, big-time!

Now, we’re in the future (no, not in a DeLorean. Great Scott!) in a way, as we grow and scale, and what we realize is that CBD is here to stay. It’s no flash in the pan – it’s a real future-maker. 

Legalization and Learning

First of all, there is that delicate curve of societal acceptance of cannabis and its derivatives. It’s been going on for a while, slowly, but steadily. 

Hemp and marijuana are the same plant, and in the past that has been abundantly confusing to many people, including regulators.

Now, countries around the world are starting to open up to the idea that this natural green plant can be legalized and enjoyed with a modern approach to tolerance and acceptance. That’s rather cool, we’d say, especially given all of the potential health benefits of cannabis. 

CBD: Calming Power

There's also a trend toward using cannabis that has less THC.

Part of the reason it was so difficult for people to come to terms with the use of cannabis itself is that marijuana, with its high THC content, had been demonized for so many decades and centuries. For sure, THC does certain things to the mind, seen so positively by many, so negatively by many others…

But a lot of people choose to utilize cannabis with a lower THC content. That means it's not psychoactive in the same way, but it still does deliver some therapeutic results.

That's what's behind using low-THC cannabis for sleep, antianxiety, and other uses that are so popular with our customers, who have learned how to use CBD to their advantage. 

You also get the same physical treatment of things like glaucoma.

Embracing CBD

We also know that in a world where you can find CBD at your local convenience store, it may be hard to separate out what you want from the market as a whole.

We bring a refined approach to this natural substance that you can see in our online catalog and elsewhere across the website. We want to be a learning resource and help people to get integrated into new societies that embrace the CBD ideal, because the science is there.

So get connected! Check out our site – spend time looking at the discounts, special offers and incentives and the wide range of items that we carry. We hope that you are as excited about this as we are!

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