delta 8 vs delta 10 for pain

Delta 8 vs Delta 10 For Pain

how is delta 10 different?

How is Delta 10 Different?


Though both Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC have shown that they may have potent pain-relief effects, they're not the same. We're here to guide you in finding out which of these cannabinoids is the best for you. 


One difference is how potent these hemp compounds are. Delta 8 THC has shown stronger potency when compared to Delta 10 THC. This is why CBD brands tend to use Delta 8 THC more often in their flower, vape, or gummy hemp products.

Another difference with Delta 10 THC is there are claims that there may be a chance that it has a more uplifting effect. Delta 8 THC, on the other hand, may make customers more relaxed and sleepy.


Despite this, Delta 10 is still a useful cannabis compound. It may even be the go-to choice for people who are new to the effects of THC on their body's receptors.

the use of delta 8 for inflammation

The Use of Delta 8 vs. Inflammation

Because of its potency, cannabis brands often use Delta 8 in their legal THC products. This is also because it may have positive effects in combating inflammation and overall discomfort.


Whether through topical products, gummies, or even vapes, various products with Delta 8 in them have popped up throughout the years. As cannabis and hemp become legal in more and more areas around the world, the use of this Delta THC for the best comfort will continue to grow.

delta 8 living

CBD Living's Delta 8 Collections

If you're tired of the discomfort and irritation you've been experiencing lately, you may want to give CBD Living's Delta 8 items a try! This might be the best way to quickly eliminate the aches and woes in your system. With CBD Living's Skin Retention Technology, the Delta THC may penetrate your skin and reach your pain receptors faster than ever!


Here are the specific benefits to these items:

Vegan: Our product has plant-based ingredients. 

Some products may have a non-plant-based ingredient but our product uses vegan ingredients.

Non-GMO: Our product uses non-GMO ingredients. 

Unlike items that may have GMO ingredients, our product uses natural plant-based ingredients.

Utilizes Proprietary Skin Retention Technology: Our product may penetrate deeply into the skin. 

Other items may not soothe the skin thoroughly unlike our product which has a Proprietary Skin Retention Technology that may offer relief within the deep layers of the skin. For faster effects and stronger benefits saving you time and money.

Made in the USA: Our product is produced in the USA. 

Other items may not be guaranteed from the USA, unlike our product that is produced in the USA to meet global standards.

How is Delta 10 Different From The Other CBD Pain Relief Products?

The main difference between Delta 10 THC and CBD products is the cannabis compounds they use. The name states that the former products contain Delta 10 THC while the latter uses Cannabidiol (CBD).


The difference in effects these products provide is that Delta 10 THC products may make you high.


Though both products may help relieve pain, THC is a psychoactive component. This means that THC provides effects that may make users of the product feel the euphoric feeling commonly associated with hemp.


In comparison, CBD on its own is not a psychoactive component with effects similar to THC. This means that CBD pain relief products may not make you high. However, full-spectrum CBD does contain THC, broad-spectrum doesn’t.


Now that you know the difference between these products, choose options that will suit your needs the best. No matter which side you pick in CBD vs. Delta, CBD Living has you covered since our brand sells both types of products!

is there a difference between a delta and thc

Is There A Difference Between a Delta and a THC?


The confusion comes from some product labels not being clear on what type of hemp compound their products have. "Delta" is simply a name for the different types of THC. It is followed by a number like 8, 9, or 10 (for example, Delta 10).


If you see a product labelled with just "THC," it most likely uses Delta 9 derived from marijuana since that's currently the most commonly used Cannabis THC.


Though, you don't have to worry about this Delta confusion with CBD Living. We clearly state which Delta type we use on our hemp THC products. That way, you can properly distinguish and choose options. Price ranges between products of different Delta THC types vary, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Gets You Higher: Delta-8 or Delta-10?

What Gets You Higher: Delta-8 or Delta-10?


Since cannabis products with Delta 8 THC have stronger potency than Delta 10 THC, you are more likely to get high with the former Delta-type products.


You may still get the euphoric high with products that have used Delta 10; it's just that the effects won't be as strong. You may even prefer that if you're not used to getting high with hemp cannabinoids. 


If you're worried about these products lying in the legal grey area, don't be. Under federal law, only cannabis products with Delta 9 derived from marijuana are restricted to have that THC under 0.3%. CBD Living complies with this, ensuring our products are legal in the US. Check with your government to see if they follow similar guidelines.

Does Delta-10 Help With Pain?

As further studies of cannabis, hemp, and cannabinoids are still required, products with these ingredients do not guarantee effects. However, some customers who have used items with cannabinoids like CBD or Delta THC have claimed that it may help with discomfort.


Another thing is that it is safe and legal to use even though it may cause you to get high. This is as long as the Delta 9 derived from marijuana is under 0.3%, though check with your state as the level may change per state. This means you can test these Delta items' effects without worrying too much.

What is the Difference Between Delta-8 and Delta-10?

As stated above, here are the two main differences that Delta 8 has vs. Delta 10 THC:

  • Possible sensation- Delta 8 THC may induce relaxation and sleepiness effects. Delta 10 THC may uplift you or may even give you more energy.

  • Potency- Delta 8 is the stronger among the two cannabinoids. This means that the effects it causes may be stronger than with a Delta 10 product.

What Delta THC Is Best For Discomfort?

Which of these two delta cannabinoids is best is subjective. Both of them may relieve discomfort. It comes down to their other potential effects.


If you're having trouble sleeping at night, you may want to take a product with Delta 10. If you need more energy in your day, you may want to take one with Delta 8.

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