7 Ways To Earn Points at CBD Living

7 Ways To Earn Points at CBD Living

Here's another reason to use CBD Living for all of your CBD needs. Here, we have a point scoring system that helps you get excellent rewards and discounts on the gear that you use to enjoy the natural power of cannabis! Here are seven of these easy ways to save. 

Create an Account

We give you 50 points just for creating an account on the site. It also helps you to make purchases and other interactions more convenient.

Buying Points

Just like at your local supermarket, you get purchase points through CBD Living. For every dollar that you spend, you get one point!

Birthday Points

We send you 100 points on your birthday, just to help you feel special. We know that's what we would want on our birthdays – it’s fun. 

Write a Review

A customer who writes a review gets another 100 points. Good reviews are extremely helpful to our e-commerce operation, and we appreciate them!

Join the Mailing List

Customers can get 10 points for joining our mailing list, and you'll also get good updates on sale events and other happenings related to our CBD e-commerce store.

Social Media Points

Yes, social media is all the rage these days.

When you post about us on Facebook or Twitter, or the visual environment of Instagram, you get 25 points for that. So point and tap away! That’s one of the better uses for social media, in our opinion, to show people things that you are excited about. 


A referral gets you a whopping 150 points – of course, good word-of-mouth is the cornerstone of most business in any industry, and we massively appreciate the help. Instead of using fancy things like net promoter score, we use our point system to both reward customers and to keep track of who is being our ambassador or influencer out there in the world.

Take a look at all of the great stuff we sell for CBD enjoyment. And our point system will be there! Part of the value of a reward point system is convenience. It's a way to give back through the website that is easy for everybody involved.

Explore the ways that CBD can help your body's natural systems to prosper, day in and day out. We’re excited about the potential for more people getting involved, and as new information comes out, people who understand the science are seeing just how great CBD can be!


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