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I love the bath bombs. Their fragrance is so strong and potent you know its in the mailbox before you see the package. Shipping was fast which got me into the bath sooner. All very much appreciated.

Kim C.

These bath salts are simply awesome!! Not only does it relieve my achy muscles and the pains in my legs and feet, it is also so very relaxing, calming and soothing. It’s one of my must haves now. I like how it dissolves nicely in the water.

Rose C.

My cats are prone to fighting and some have anxiety. Giving them this helped almost eliminated all of the issues. Once in the morning and once at night and everyone is relaxed. Glad I gave this a try. Well worth the price for the peace and quiet.

Tracy W.

This was exactly what I wanted and needed in my life. I have two chronic pain conditions that I medicate as naturally as I can. And this CBD shatter helps me dab during the day without the medicine being too ‘heavy’ for daytime and productivity. It’s amazing. Best decision I’ve made in a while.

Cameo W.

I really enjoy the gummies. I feel great and glow from the inside out. It is nice to feel good, no aches/pains and kind of just float through the day feeling happy and enjoying it all. I have sent these to friends for their comments/thoughts as well. I know everyone's chemistry/system is different and these are perfect for me.

Mary S.

Wonderful product. It has created a new path for my little hands to become softer. My delivery was on time and I was overjoyed. My daughter and I use this lotion all the time. It is good, my blessings be upon you

Deeatra L.

We are giving our pooch the mobility support chews twice a day, and the result has been incredible. He is an older rescue and had a terrible limp. We had him on cosequin and were even giving him hyaluronic acid injections prescribed by our vet and nothing was working. We switched him to the Cbd mobility chews and his limp disappeared within the first week, and it hadn’t come back. Awesome product!!

Karen R.