A Cruelty Free Me – CBD Living Bath Bombs & Freeze

Pour yourself a glass of wine and start a bath, the weekend is finally here!

It’s only been about two weeks since my last post but I feel as if I’ve been away from the blog for months. Please excuse my absence I’ve been working on a blog schedule now that I’ve started my new job. The past two weeks have been amazing, and honestly I’m the happiest I have been in a long time. I feel as if this new role is a great start to my dream career. I’m on cloud 9, since this is a role I’ve been hoping for.

With a new role comes a new schedule, hence my absence from my blog, and instagram. I’m also adjusting to a new commute. Which actually gave me the perfect test environment for today’s brand feature.

My first week of work I opted to walk more often than I took the shuttle and it definitely had an effect on my legs (re: sore af). Thankfully CBD Living sent me a few of their pain reliving skincare products, so I put them to the test.

After a few days of commuting, equating to miles of city blocks walked, my legs were feeling the pain. I applied CBD Living Freeze about a half hour before bed, and felt rejuvenated within 10 minutes. I woke up feeling brand new.

I like that this product features a roller ball that makes for a mess free application. The bottle size is perfect for travel, but a little seems to go a long way, so this bottle is sure to last!

Fast forward to that time of the month. I can’t recommend a CBD bath bomb more! I am in love with these. I tried both the Amber and Bergamont, and Lavender varieties. Both scents were lovely, and definitely helped with any pain I was feeling(cramps, back pain etc.)

There are no harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances used in these bath bombs. The bath bombs also include 60mgs of CBD to help soothe pain. Like I said these are a lifesaver when you need to relax the pain away. I also didnt feel as if I needed to moisturize after my bath, these bath bombs left my skin feeling smooth and soft.

If you’re looking into CBD products I would recommend these topical products from CBD Living. They’re definitely on my radar, and a current favorite!

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