Pet Age Brand Profiles in CBD Sector

Pet Age Brand Profiles in CBD Sector

Bill Disegna, Founder and CEO, CBD Living Pet

How do you describe the testing process that is performed on your products?

Analytical Testing: All raw materials and finished products are tested for potency, microbiological contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals and residual solvents. We use third-party labs for our testing.

Raw Material Safety: We source our raw ingredients from reputable dietary supplement suppliers locally in the United States. The ingredients we incorporate in our products already have a standing history in the pet industry and have supporting published articles explaining the efficacy and safety.

We also hold our raw material suppliers accountable for testing ad safety on their end as well.

What information, including dosage instructions, do you provide on your product label?

We provide the label claim per unit of measure and how to administer the dosage. We also add appropriate warning on the label as well.

What sets your products apart from others on the market?

  1. Our CBD is easily digested. Pets have a sensitive digestive system, which is why we made sure to deliver CBD through our proprietary technology. This technology consists of either water-soluble CBD or self-emulsifying CBD.
  2. The same technology also makes our CBD highly bio-available. Pets will feel the calming relief much faster.
  3. Apart from CBD, we also incorporate important nutrients needed to promote an overall healthy pet. We aim to not only reduce discomfort but target the reason why your pet may be anxious or in pain.
  4. Our line includes multiple products for pet owners to choose from—over 18 products and more coming soon.


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