Cannapolitan – CBD Living Freeze

Cannapolitan – CBD Living Freeze

In the world today when there are so many different CBD products to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? What brands are worthy of your trust? As reviewers, we ask these questions all the time too. Here at Cannapolitan, we test the products that we review thoroughly for an extensive period of time and with various patients so that we can let our readers know what our real-life experiences are with them so you can feel confident to try these products yourself.

CBD Living brand produces an extensive variety of products that contain CBD. So many products in fact we really had to take our time with each. Over several months, our review team used each product for various use and needs. This is the first of the series of reviews on CBD Living’s product line. In this feature we’ll be sharing our experiences with CBD Living’s Freeze, which is a roll-on topical.

CBD Topicals

We’re always a little skeptical about topicals and oftentimes topicals have ingredients in them that give the feeling like they’re working but over time will wear off and have little lasting effect. We experienced long lasting relief beyond the typical experience of a CBD topical with CBD Living’s Freeze.  Each bottle has 120mg of full spectrum nano-CBD. What does that mean, nano? In a nutshell, nano technology allows the CBD to enter the body faster and more efficiently by making it smaller and more soluble. Science is awesome! The folks at CBD Living are taking it next level.

The Application

This roll-on does have menthol, which provides a soothing tingling, cooling effect, several seconds after it is applied. Other ingredients such as tea tree oil, aloe vera extract, arnica extract and vitamin E  provide a plethora of healing on their own. All of these ingredients work with the CBD to provide immediate relief for muscle tension, injury, sore muscles, and some arthritic conditions. We experienced all these things above when applying the roll-on for various purposes.

Extreme Foot Pain

After a long hike my feet and legs would be extremely sore and stiff due to plantar facia. I’ve had surgery for this condition, but still suffer from new foot pains.  I started applying the Freeze after the walks. On the following day, my feet felt renewed, my legs were not stiff and sore. Every occasion that I would take these long power walks I would apply again and be ready to take on the world shortly after and the following day with no pain.

Sports Injuries

One of our team reviewers used the roll-on after heavy martial arts workouts and it has been giving great relief that lasts long after the application.  Her knee pain from a past injury has been an issue for years until she started using Freeze. The nagging pain that was hindering her progress forward with her workouts is now gone! When dealing with a high impact sport or workout you’re bound to get injuries, having a way to relieve the pain without pharmaceuticals is priceless. Needless to say, it’s in her gym bag ready to assist after hard workouts. The review team member insisted “This product is a life changer for me!” She also has a demanding job and a house full of kids to keep up with, so we really take her word for it.

Back Pain

We also tested Freeze with a patient that suffers from consistent back pain. We found not only how effective it is for providing a cool, soothing feeling initially, but lasting relief. Our reviewer had suffered from consistent shoulder pain and was taking prescription pills for the pain. Not anymore! The new regimen is rolling on the relief with Freeze and for deep set pain, CBD Living’s tincture. We will share more about the tincture in our next feature.

Easy to Apply

Another advantage of CBD Living’s Freeze is the convenience and ease of use as a roll on. The topical is easy to apply yourself or with help for those hard to reach places. Its non-greasy and absorbs into the skin quickly. The menthol is pleasant to our review team, it won’t leave you smelling like wintergreen like some drug store products and ointments that rely on Capsaicin as the active ingredient.


CBD living’s infusion process shines with their nano technology in every product. This high functioning delivery system sets their products apart from others on the market today. The genius concept of having CBD reduced to nano size (google it, I’m no scientist) for faster and more efficient delivery system is a break through that will continue to expand. Consistent dosing with products that are easy to consume or apply gets our attention here at Cannapolitan.  CBD Living’s extensive line of products provides something for everyone. The line includes tasty and effective edible options such as; chocolate bars, gummy bears, vegan gummy bears, and water! Stay tuned in to Cannapolitan for our next feature of CBD Living products.

Final Thoughts

Freeze has changed our minds about how a topical could provide long lasting relief and help the body recover from injury or through activity. We have tested a number of products over the years that did not live up to the hype. CBD Living products have been effective and consistent through our test and review process over several months, so we’re confident with our experiences to share them with you. It’s possible to have your own experience for yourself by visiting the site here CBD Living


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