Why is Water Soluble CBD Important?

Why is Water Soluble CBD Important?

Lots of people are seeing CBD products on local store shelves – but one important thing to understand is that CBD products benefit from specific scientific design. The way that you extract the CBD from the hemp plant is important and makes a lot of difference in results. It’s not just about crushing some leaves and making lotions and ointments, etc.

At CBD Living, we use a water-soluble process to extract cannabis. What does this mean?

Traditional Methods

Many CBD products are made from immersing the hemp in a common type of oil. It's a convenient delivery system, but it's missing something.

Essentially, the body has to digest the fat-soluble oil first in order to get the CBD that's inside. Because the individual oil particles are larger than the CBD droplets, the CBD comes into your bloodstream last. Changing that equation can have an impact on how CBD reaches the body – and change the experience and health value. 

A Water-Soluble Solution

Using a nano-emulsion process, we unlock those smaller nanoparticles of CBD to get them directly into your body. This is really interesting, and we provide some details on the web site for those who are interested in how this science works. 

Water-soluble nutrients go directly to the blood through the bloodstream through the small intestine, instead of working through the lymph system, and that supercharges the effects that you feel from this kind of health product. The science on water-soluble substances shows how this is a preferred method for many kinds of health supplements. 

Water-Soluble Vitamins

Other types of water-soluble products are also popular for immediate use. For example, vitamin C, naturally found in citrus fruits, is water-soluble, and so are folate and pantothenic acid, which are often included in a multivitamin. Water-soluble vitamins B1, B2, and B3 are also often used to fortify foods.

As the water-soluble products get absorbed more quickly, they tend to leave the body rather than getting stored up over the long term.

We have a wide range of CBD water, tinctures, capsules, and even pet products. We help you to treat the whole family well with vitamin-and-antioxidant-rich supplement products. The natural power of hemp is what everybody is talking about! Take a look at our catalog and you’ll see an amazing abundance of products for CBD living – we take pride in offering high-quality items based on modern scientific design and excellent raw materials – including natural hemp!


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