Skin Retention Technology with CBD

Skin Retention Technology with CBD

In other blogs, we talked about all of the ways that we have engineered our CBD supplement products like CBD water and tinctures. But there's also a different kind of product that relies on what you’d call topical delivery.

When you put topical products on your skin, they’re made to be absorbed through the top layers of the skin into the body … at least, they're supposed to be.

Our proprietary technology achieves this in a specific way.

Barriers to Topical Absorption

Here's one of the problems with delivering nutrients and supplements into the bloodstream through the skin. A primary layer of skin called the stratum corneum isolates what's inside from topical applications. That's good in a number of ways because it acts to keep toxins like those in ink or other items that we often get on our skin from absorbing into the bloodstream, but it can also lower the efficacy of topical supplements.

Our Hydrating System

With our skin absorption technology, we create products that naturally hydrate the skin before the molecular ingredients are incorporated into the body. That allows the essential substance of the CBD to go deeper and infiltrate the lower layers, and get into the bloodstream. That’s a big deal in engineering topical substances because it increases the efficacy by a big margin.

When we talk about the value of this strategy, we say that science is key. It’s part of our unique approach to engineering the best CBD stuff around.

One example of this is our next-generation hand sanitizer. Our hand sanitizer product uses organic American grown hemp combined with ethyl alcohol and adds doses of vitamin E and aloe. Again, our skin retention technology helps these topical ingredients to penetrate the skin to provide the rejuvenating effect that makes this product so popular. You get the classic power of sanitizer with the added boost of CBD. 

Other Topical Products

To take advantage of this skin retention technology, we have CBD lotions in scents like lavender and eucalyptus, as well as bath bombs including lavender, coconut lime, and bergamot.

There's also lip balm and travel lotion for the road.

The aromatherapy that we include in these topicals complements the soothing effect that many people experience with CBD topical products on sore muscles. There's a rejuvenating effect that you often experience using these in a warm bath or directly on the skin.

This is just part of what we have available at CBD Living: check out our CBD water, food and drinks, pet products and everything else that we sell through a convenient e-commerce shopping cart portal.


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