Cannabidiol (CBD)

How CBD Can Help You

The Cannabis plant is made up of hundreds of cannabinoid compounds, of which Cannabidiol (CBD) is one that has become widely used and accepted in medicinal applications today. Differing in structure from THC, which is most commonly mistaken for, CBD has no mind altering properties that are typically associated with THC.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is non-psychoactive and is being lauded among the holistic medical communities as a healthy alternative for those seeking options for a host of health related conditions. 

CBD Gains Worldwide Attention

CBD came to the attention of the mainstream public in 2013 when it was featured on a major cable news network in a documentary about Charlotte Figi. Charlotte, a child suffering from a severe case of Dravet syndrome, was finding no relief from experiencing hundreds of seizures a week. As an alternative to conventional treatments, CBD was considered and research began for its potential medical benefits. 

Through exhaustive testing procedures, a multitude of health benefits was discovered, and the public demand for CBD products skyrocketed, creating a niche holistic healthcare product market. 

How CBD Works Within The Body

CBD works in interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which was discovered over 30 years ago and has since impacted the medical world. The discovery of this system has been remarkable for medicine as it is the largest neurotransmitter system in the human body.

The endocannabinoid system contains receptors that regulate the body’s functions such as pain, memory, mood, appetite, bone development, sleep, and immune function. These receptors are activated by natural endocannabinoids produced in the body as well as those found in plants. 

Effects of CBD and Its Benefits 

CBD has been found to ease chronic pain and quiet inflammation. Inflammation is now known to be the root cause of many chronic conditions that lead to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. Through research, CBD has shown to be an effective treatment for inflammation, which in turn alleviates the pain and discomfort that result from such chronic conditions. 

According to many experts, CBD also possesses the unusual capability to destroy bacteria, even the strains that are known to be drug-resistant. According to one study in 2011, CBD can slow the progression of tuberculosis in rats, concluding that it likely does this by blocking the T-Cell proliferation. 

While CBD has the potential to treat systemic conditions within the body, it also is effective as a topical application on the body. Treating skin problems such as Eczema, CBD oil encourages abnormal cell destruction, giving the skin a chance to heal. 

The wide variety of health benefits of CBD makes it a popular choice among those who are seeking natural alternatives for treating health related conditions. If you are interested in learning more about how CBD can benefit your health, CBD Living is a trusted source of quality products and information that can help you with all of your needs.  

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