5 Sane Practices-CBD Living

5 Sane Practices-CBD Living

There is simply no denying how popular CBD has become in the past few years. Over 65% of the adults in America claim to take at least one CBD-infused product on a regular basis. People have tons of options when it comes to the CBD products they can use. Working with the right supplier is the only way to ensure you get the highest-quality CBD on the market. 

At CBD Living, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with great CBD-infused products for a reasonable price. In developing our products, we use sane practices that allow us to get consistent and high-quality results. Below are some of the practices we use when developing and marketing our CBD products.

1. We Triple Test Our Products Before Putting Them On The Market

Newcomers to the world of CBD fail to realize that not all products are made equally. Some of the lower-quality CBD products on the market contain harmful ingredients like heavy metals and even pesticides. Consuming these substances can be hazardous to your health, which is why you have to be careful when buying CBD products.

At CBD Living, we triple test all of our products before offering them to customers. Each of these tests looks for microbes, heavy metals and pesticides in the product. All of our hemp is tested before it enters the production lab, which means you get some of the highest quality hemp in the world when buying our products.

2. Organically Grown Help is All We Use

The quality of the hemp used to make CBD-infused products is an important factor. If low-quality hemp is used, the potency of the finished product will not be very high. CBD Living uses hemp that is organically grown right here in the United States.

Each of the farms we work with is a certified member of the National Hemp Association. Farms that are members of this association have their crops thoroughly inspected. Once the inspection is passed, these farms receive a certificate of analysis and origin from the association.

3. Third-Party Testing is Important

We make sure that our products are tested at every step of the development process. As previously mentioned, we test the hemp we use in pre-production. We also have all of our finished CBD products tested by a third-party. Each of the tests performed by these third-party organizations are available for viewing on our website. You can simply scan the QR code on the back of your packaging to view this documentation.

4. A Quality Extraction Method

The method used to extract CBD from hemp plants matters when it comes to the overall quality of the finished product. CBD Living uses a CO2 extraction method. This method allows us to get high-quality CBD extracted and put into each one of our products.

5. A Better Absorption Rate

Did you realize that CBD Living has a patent-pending delivery system in our CBD products? These delivery systems allow for a better absorption rate. This means that CBD gets to penetrate into the cells where it is needed in your body.

Check Out Our CBD Products!

Now is the time to place an order with CBD Living and see how great our products really are.


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